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I've started my computer related activites with music trackers, Impulse tracker (IT) to be precise. A wonderfull piece of software that builds on even older concepts from the amiga time.

During this time i took a liking to it and things have never been the same since. Now i can use cubase or something similar but its just not "it". With its lack of clicking and opening of stupid piano rolls, Impulse tracker's completely keyboard driven interface featured sample accurate looping and a sample editor (well cut before/after;). The unique "pattern" based sequencing and the copy/paste sistem helped me a lot in my compositions.

I also bought some equiptment, Korg poly800, Alesis QSR, Ensoniq ASR10, Alesis Q2 (x2:), Behringer mx2004a, Roland JX8p, ... which was great, but lacked the sound control i was used to in IT. Most of my never songs were made in cubase.

But enough about history, here you will find songs made with IT and the new ones, a couple of collected works but also single songs, waiting for a revival.