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Rim? Going the way of Nokia?

Bye Bye BlackBerry. How Long Will Apple Last?

Suure.. ecosystems. But first, hold an iphone in your hand, use it for a couple of minutes. Do the same with a new BB... ITS ABOUT THE PRODUCT ITSELF. If it would work, be smooth even that would be enough to bring users/devs in. RIM have great tech but they arent even using it on phones yet. It's the same delays nokia had and for them we clearly see Meego is an epic WIN and would be a home run if only they could


Or be run over by others. Nokia soldout to MS and while strategically that is a definite 180 turn, it does seem the execution part of their operation has improved.

I can only speculate that the boardroom shuffle has motivated enough people at RIM to actually execute, wherever their problems currently are.

RIM still has a huge cash flow, they just need to


On their core strenghts. Release the QNX based phone!! Seeing the playbook, it's a beautiful device and is full of potential. Which i hope they will realize on their Colt phone.

Unless MS buys them first and turns them around 180 degrees. MS buying windows relevance where it can is a whole other topic.

I get too emotional with these companies:)