Stuff i did

Stuff i did




Here you will find a list of things i participated in, projects i did and such.

It is currently in its early stage, i must go through my flyer collection to find everything.

The beginnings

I started with music on a 386 using scream tracker.

The meeting with Marko Frelih, who i found on the local BBS scene led to the formation of the scene group "Septic". Later more sophistication was added as i switched to Impulse tracker, the industry standard tracker.


Septic eventually transformed, or gave birth to Monkibo, our very own label/production crew. Monkibo released the first slovenian breakbeat/drum and bass compilation. It was its only release.

Party time

With monkibo we had a nice breakbeat/drum and bass crew set up, so we proceeded to organize parties. That started around 2001 and continued for some time.

The 'Neven Korda' era

Through a good friend (kumpri) i met up with Neven, whit whom i first collaborated musically (i was in charge of the audio landscape), but then started doing video with my pet software.

Some of the stuff we did:
Beri me za naprej, 2003
Pisma iz sedanjosti, 2004
DVA, 2005

I also worked with Martin Bricelj on a few projects: 
Robovox (sms2text2speech gateway/robot setup tehnician:)
Public Avatar (portable streaming device/media server/direct to browser streaming solution)


I had (gosh im still having stop bugging me dad:) a pretty boring acamedic career, but some fun stuff also happened:

Virtualno smucanje / virtual skiing, 2004/2005

Well basicaly this was it, this project developed from a assignment, was in a couple of exhibitions and i also got a chance to present it on a IEEE conference. A pretty straightforward game, you face a projection where is also a camera watching your movements. When you move to the left, the skier goes left, and the other way around. Going lower increases your speed. The presentation was made in opengl.

Oh yeah, im studying at FRI, faculty for computers and information theory.

Pet projects

Beside virtual skiing i also made a virtual ping pong thingy with naprava. It debuted in metelkova city at the end of 2006, had repetitions in kiberpipa, in the ljubljana town centre, celje castle and metelkova again. It is quite a popular thing, 2 people can play at a time (or more:) usually set up at night - needs a public space projection, or inside.

The Career

As i still have obligations in the normal world, i took time to pursue a 'career'. I took over my parents stalled company, renamed it and am currently in the business plan stage. I also took a couple of major projects which would become my 'job' and take quite a lot of time. Hopefully i will be able to divert my energy back to things that matter to me as soon as possible.

I am thinking about mapping this chronologically, some sort of time machine functionality with DIFFs possible, so you can see the changes in text through time... That was a project i almost accepted once, whatever happend to it.

So yeah, for "the career" i'm trying to find some venue where i can explore and make awesome things. Maybe I'll just look for funding:)